About Me

About Me

Tim Kendall is a baseball scout whose love and respect for the game inspires him everyday to advance the sport through player development. He is a trained talent evaluator who is able to identify a player’s abilities in terms of having the mental and physical tools needed to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Tim is also trained to work with players and help develop a player’s natural abilities through the use of proven professional training techniques.

Tim Kendall has covered games in the Northeast region and has been involved in helping to organize and showcase talent evaluation events. In 2016, he assisted an MLB organization in preparing for the June amateur draft. Assignments like those have given Tim valuable experience, making him a highly useful addition to any baseball organization.

Being a baseball scout takes dedication, organization, and passion. It also takes the kind of person willing to spend long hours on the road. Tim Kendall has proven he has that kind of dedication. He loves nothing more than working with young ballplayers with the aim of improving their game.

While proficient in all areas of baseball, Tim takes special interest in hitting, specifically from a biomechanical perspective. As an instructor, he has worked with several rep and travel teams and shared his knowledge with players of all ages, as well as fellow coaches and instructors. In addition, Tim is a retired professional wrestler and has used his wrestling experience to bring an emphasis on strength and conditioning to players he works with. His knowledge of the game includes a strong understanding of its physical demands. He has done extensive research and has written about how training can help players avoid injury.

Just like baseball players, baseball scouts must have talent in order to serve the game and their organizations in a way that advances the goals of their respective teams. Striving to be the best means being open to learning, which is why Tim remains an avid student of the game. He strives to learn as much about it in order to impart that knowledge to players seeking to be the best.

Tim’s professional goal remains dedicated to advancing his baseball scouting career.